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Hongeng electronic with long-term experience, are coping tactics for every kind of package, and can provide the best chip cover (Decap), adhesive (removal of sealing glue, Compound Removal), let your follow-up experiment benefited in every way. The following is a part of the project. Please contact us in detail.

Encapsulation open cover (Decap)

LED, gallium arsenide chip, car chip, optical coupling chip

Special open cover (Decap)

Backside, MEMS, packaging materials, various package dismantling

Chemical etching analysis

The crater, welded oil stains, chemical etching / to resist, Pin foot cleaning

As the type of packaging is quite diverse, it is advisable to have the experience of handling execution in various packaging forms.

    ic decap-開蓋


    ic decap-去膠

Automotive chip


Gallium arsenide

IC decap-開蓋

Optocoupler  chip